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May 20th, 2007 | 18-23, Amateur, European, Glamour, Hardcore

I imagine anyone who’s interested in a site named Defloration and wants to see young girls deflowered will primarily be concerned with one question, “Does this site have real defloration footage or is it faked?” So before i’m done with this review I will attempt personally to verify that the virgins featured on the Defloration site really do lose their virginity on camera at the hands of Sergey Afanasiev as claimed on the Defloration tour.

The first thing inside the Defloration member area that grabs my attention is a notice saying, “Don’t use any Downloader Application (FlashGet, Download Accelerator Plus, etc.)…” Now I’m thinking, “Ahem, excuse me?” Usually when reviewing a site I test for possible download restrictions by downloading multiple files at the same time. Today I was able to skip this test entirely because I noticed that when downloading a movie file from Defloration the site completely stopped responding to browser requests so I couldn’t even navigate the site until the download finished. This explains the notice about download managers because a download manager will try to speed your load times by opening multiple concurrent streams and this site ONLY allows one! Amazing! Rude even!

I managed to partially get around this restriction by logging into the site with a second browser while a movie file was downloading – but you need to use different browsers, for example: Internet Explorer & Fire Fox (not simply two different windows in the same browser). If this is something that would annoy you as it does me, I strongly suggest you forget this site and check out some of the great sites I have reviewed that don’t impose any such absurd restrictions – see navigation links on the left.

Fortunately there are two saving graces for the Defloration site; it’s uniqueness in staying true to a small/micro-niche, and secondly that much of the photography falls into the mag/pro class. Especially the sets produced from 2005 onwards. There is however an “artistic” approach taken with some shots that doesn’t really suit internet porn because the focus is too tight to see the entire model. It would be perfectly suitable for a medical journal or perhaps a hair removal infomercial, but for porn? The overall picture quality is good and the movies are okay. Defloration is not a large site however I counted 100 model sets at the time of this review, and many of the young girls featured were real stunners and at worst, some were cute. Member navigation is easy to use and without quirks except if you happen to be looking for the 2006 Archive and notice that clicking on the link doesn’t take you anywhere, it’s because for some strange reason that Archive is located on the current page – so just scroll down.

*Notice: After reading my review this site owner contacted me saying, “Your words deeply impressed me, so I have tested a new authorization system..” and went on to explain that the limitations had been imposed by their authentication system. Defloration has since replaced this authentication system with one that doesn’t impose any such download restrictions, so I have increased their score to reflect that change.

Summary – In terms of basic functionality the Defloration site is quite disappointing. Personally I find it upsetting that I can’t browse a site while downloading without taking somewhat “sneaky” measures to circumvent their unusually tight restrictions. I’m quite pissed off actually. Defloration do however deliver on their promise of real virgins with sexy hymens – if you really find that sexy – plus legitimate scenes of pretty young girls being deflowered. I’m convinced that many defloration scenes are real and equally convinced that some are faked. If you have the patience for downloading one file at a time and desperately want to see young girls having their hymen broken, then by all means join this site because I am unaware of any other site that delivers real defloration pictures and movies. Though personally, I’ll be happy if I never see another hymen. * Please see the notice above.

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  • Cumbersome navigation.


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