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Lady Sonia

April 26th, 2007 | BDSM, Fem-Dom, Fetish

Anyone looking for hardcore fetish movies? Hearing the snickering of thousands of die hard fetishists I attempt to review a niche for which I’m not only a tad uncomfortable with, but some of it actually scares me a little -embarrassed- and if the claim of 100’s of gigabytes of high-quality hardcore fetish movies is true then this could pan out to be one hell of a long day for me.

Okay - if it’s crisp high-gloss high-resolution pictures you’re after then perhaps you should keep on walking. Lady Sonia does have extensive picture archives containing thousands of large images - up to 2000*3000 pixels - but they’re a bit grainy and amateur in quality. The're a long squirt from the magazine/pro quality photography I personally enjoy. But If it’s awesome high-quality downloadable hardcore fetish movies you’ve come for[...]