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Crazy Babe

September 15th, 2007 | Bizarre, Fetish, Goth, Photography

Crazy Babe features works of renowned music producer and photographer Bob Coulter and his unique style of photography. It’s a goth/babe/photography site filled with softcore porn images of youthful goth babes. Many of them have extreme piercings and tattoos and are clad in latex rubber and other wicked lingerie. Most of these babes have a striking modern gothic look, while others look like they could easily be the neighbor’s young wife next door. Some of Bob Coulter’s goth babes have huge silicone breasts and look like yesterday’s porn stars, while others are naturally flat-chested rebellious looking teens to early 20s.

The Crazy Babe site contains about 250 photo sets consisting of between 300 and 800 photos in each set. So by my calculation there are about 137,500 pictures in the member archive. Bob Coulter’s photography is 100% exclusive to the Crazy Babe site. Some of the pictures have the girls posing with knives and dildos, modeling in alleys and seedy hotels like call girls, and even with a girl pointing a gun at another model while she is nude. You could really call this fetish/bizarre content. If you like unusual scenarios with beautiful girls, shot at awe inspiring locations, this site will do it for you. The pictures are high quality and are large enough to fill your screen. Unfortunately for video fans, there are very few videos available on this site. Though there are some.

Site navigation is smooth and it’s easy to find the models and their pictures. You can view a small thumbnail before being directed to their full picture layout and complete gallery page. I don’t want to give too much away about the navigation of this site because I think it is a real treat – it’s more like art than navigation, but it doesn’t obscure the content at all. There aren’t really any other extras except a “magic card” section where a big chested animated gif tries to tell you which card you picked out of a pile. Bob Coulter offers quality prints of many of the models for purchase and updates his site with fresh new faces and photography 4 times each month.

Summary – If you like softcore goth babe porn and are a fan of unique style models and photography shot at awe inspiring locations this site is more than worth a look. The picture sets are shot at interesting, contrasting, and often beautiful locations like beaches and parks, and other great places like horrifically dingy hotels around NYC and Brooklyn, abandoned warehouses, and under bridges. Bob Coulter’s Crazy Babe provides a unique perspective of beauty through the eyes of a man who appreciates the bizarre.

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Hot goth babes and bizarre photography

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